Spencer Kanenwisher

Orem, UT

About Spencer
I am 22 years old and married to my high school sweetheart. I am a fitness fanatic and I have been lifting weights for the last 7 years. I love to read and watch videos about training. I have tried any and every type of training as well as most of the supplements on the market. All the knowledge I have (which is limited) of weight training I have gained from experience.  

In highschool I played football and started varsity for 3 years as a decent all-conference player. However I showed more talent on the rugby field so I put most of my focus on rugby. I soon found myself as the captain of a state-winning team. My weight has fluctuated quite a bit between seasons but I always stayed healthy and  in good shape. I was able to see some success in weightlifting. My all-time bests, while modest, are 495 in the squat, 375 on the bench and 520 on the deadlift.

After high school I spent 2 years Argentina and wasn’t able to lift weights or stay on a stable diet. I looked up one day and I was overweight with less muscle mass than before. One year ago, when I returned to the states, I began weight training again . My goal was to be the strongest guy in the gym. So I stopped worrying about macros, dieting and just focused on getting as much calories as I could to perform. In 1 year I put on 105 pounds, from a lean 195 to my heaviest at 290. I had PR’s in every lift at this high weight. However as I began to play collegiate rugby for the second time, I noticed how out of shape I really was. It was nice to be the biggest guy on the field and run people over when I had the ball, but the heavy breathing and panting that followed after every hard run wasn’t fun. 

So that is where I am at now. I plan to retain my muscle mass and lose as much fat as possible. I want to fit into my 36” waisted jeans again! I wanna feel comfortable at the beach and I want people to recognize that I lift. As a guy who trains heavy, often 6 days a week, people still don’t realize how strong I am. They associate strength with aesthetic muscle. So my plan is to revive my aesthetics while retaining the strength that I have worked so hard to get! Thats what My Boli Journey is all about. I am grateful to have the help of Boli Nutrition and their supplements that help me achieve my fitness goals. 

"Strength is nothing without fitness and fitness is nothing without strength."

UPDATE March 2015

am just over a month into the 3 month “transformation” that i planned out. As for end goals, i think I am well ahead of schedule on my weight loss. These next 20+ pounds aren't going to go as quickly, but I should be seeing results just the same.

I have had a lot of success with the thermogenic cuts supplement. It really curbs appetite and heats up the body to make my workouts more intense and calorie burning. My diet has been pretty sporadic because of constant travel and inconsistent routine, but i just do what I can! I would have to say that chest day is my favorite workout.

My motivation comes from youtube videos by people like omarisuf, mark bell, and zhasni motivation. They are gusted videos to help me when i don’t really want to go to the gym. Also any video by Kai greene is very inspirational. The other portion of my motivation comes from just being one of the strongest guys in the gym or on the rugby field. Men are all about dominance, whether we recognize it or not. So to lift more weight than the next guy, or hit harder on the field than the next guy, is motivation! And when I see guys that are stronger than me in the gym or stronger on the field, that motivates me as well. Because until i reach their level or exceed it, I don’t feel satisfied. 
Spencer's Progress 

Congratulations to our Boli Journey athlete Spencer Kanenwisher

@SKFIT and the UVU Rubgy team are now the D1AA National Champions! 











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