Nick Cheadle

Sydney, Australia

About Nick
After finishing High School in 2007, I took the opportunity to gain my Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness. It was of particular interest to me at the time, as I thoroughly enjoyed studying topics such as ‘Factors Affecting Performance’ and ‘Improving Performance’ in PDHPE at school. What I assumed to be merely a passing interest has blossomed into a lifestyle. Since becoming a qualified Personal Trainer I have met and worked with some absolutely fantastic people – I am truly fortunate to be in a position to announce that I love my job. I welcome the opportunity to learn more and constantly look forward to the next challenge. Below is a list of my qualifications & experience since becoming qualified.

• Certificate IV Personal Trainer (AIF Master Trainer) • Certificate III Gym Instructor
• IIN Diploma - Nutrition & Health Coaching
• ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach - Level 1
• EFI Kettle-bell Instructor
• TRX Instructor
• Punch-fit Boxing Instructor
• Punch-fit Kickboxing Instructor • Qualified GRAVITY Trainer
• 5 years personal training - Level 3 FF
• NSW Schoolboys Representative Cricket
• 9 years gym involvement
Competition Experience
• Competitor - 2011 ANB National Fitness Model Championships - 3rd Place
• Competitor - 2012 ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships
• Coach - 2012 ANB National Fitness Model Championships - client placed 6th
*Coach - 2013 INBA Sydney Fitness Model Championships - Client placed 5th
* Coach - 2013 INBA South Coast Fitness Model Championships - Client placed 2nd
* Coach - 2013 ANBA Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships - Client placed 3rd
What do you like best about competing? 
Competing requires dedication, perseverance & mental toughness. It isn't something that everyone can do. Win, lose or draw - it is such a rewarding experience!
Why did you begin competing?
I originally began after making a bet with a mate over who could first land a magazine cover. The initial competition I entered was offering a magazine cover shoot as the prize for first place. I came third, but the bet is still running!
Favorite Cheat Food
I don't ever need to 'cheat'. I am a big advocate of flexible dieting - if I want to eat foods that aren't considered 'clean' then I'll fit them into my daily macronutrient & fibre goals. 
Favorite Diet Food
As above! ;)
Favorite Body Part to Train
Chest or arms. Love that 'I can't scratch my head' pump!
Least Favorite Body Part to Train
Shoulders or abs.
Training, cooking & reading.
Words to Live By
"Don't talk about it, be about it.'
Height, Weight
6'1,  220lbs
People You Look Up To
My coach Layne Norton for his continued dedication to educating & helping people with proven, science-based methods & approaches to training & nutrition!




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