Mande Martinez

Chatsworth, New Jersey

About Mande 
I was a party girl who was caught up in the club scene with extremely low self-esteem. I put on a lot of weight during that time in my life & maxed out at about 165lbs. I made some changes in my life & decided that with the brand new me mentality that i had, I would carry that out physically as well. I started working out just to lose 10lbs. I would watch YouTube videos & copy random workouts. I started working out with a friend of mine who is a personal trainer that introduced me to strength training, and I fell in love. I started seeing how I had the ability to sculpt my body the way I want it & I haven't been able to stop since. I was introduced the fitness industry & decided to use the competitions as mini goals for my progress. Since I'm constantly trying to progress and improve my physique, it's only right I continue to compete. Motivating others has become my absolute favorite/most valued part of my journey.

What do you like best about competing?
What I like best about competing I'd the challenge it takes to achieve the body that I take on stage. It's an extreme test of patience, dedication, & commitment. Motivating others with my transformation/progress pictures throughout my journey is an incredible feeling. I remember looking at other people's photos for motivation so now, to know that people are looking up to me for motivation/inspiration is actually a whole new type of motivation for me.

 Why did you begin competing?
I started competing because I legitimately love to sculpt my body in the gym & it gives me a platform to show off my hard work.

Favorite Cheat Food
Godzilla rolls from a local all you can eat sushi restaurant. I'm obsessed!

Favorite Diet Food
Oatmeal... Hands down

Favorite Body Part to Train

Least Favorite Body Part to Train

I always say my body is my hobby.

Words to Live By
"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."-Maya Angelou


Off season weight

Contest Prep weight


People You Look Up To
My mother. :) In the fitness industry, I admire Dana Linn Bailey's work ethic & persistence



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