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Denise Kominetsky

Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

What do you like best about competing?
The dedication, determination, and hardwork it takes to set a goal and do everything possible to obtain it. They way it has shaped my hard work ethic- and the way it has shown me I can inspire and influence others- not only to compete, but to do something they never imagined they could/ to dream big and not be ashamed of it/ and mainly to never give up no matter how hard they may fall!! I also love the people I have met, the people I inspire, and the places I have the potential to go!! The sky is the limit!!

Why did you begin competing?
I was very sick with my Chrohns colitis and at that time children were not an option. I saw friends recently compete and was in awe of their hard work and dedication. I signed up and worked with my trainers  one on one for over 20 weeks my first show. After that- I was hooked!!! 

I also lost a brother when I was 16- he was 20... He loved to lift and hit the bag..... I could see if he was around today, that he would be a competitor and would rock the stage!! I know he is smiling down from heaven and is so proud that his baby sis is competing on a national stage!!! I dedicate my bodybuilding to his memory- R.I.P Steve!!! 

Favorite Cheat Food
Definitely Peanut butter (I might actually be addicted) and sushi!!!

Favorite Diet Food
Green beans and oatmeal!!!!

Favorite Body Part to Train
Definitely shoulders ...... It's an area I need to improve on and has been my main focus for this years Prep- plus who doesn't love well sculpted Boulder shoulders? 

Least Favorite Body Part to Train
Legs!! Mainly because of the aftermath and not being able to all straight lol! 

Traveling, Photography, Event planning, Reading, Fishing, Baking, Dressing up for holidays, Dogs.  

Words to Live By
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift- that's why they call it the present!! 

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass- it's about learning to dance in the rain 

"You, me, or nobody is going to hit as hard as life- but it ain't about how hard you hit- it's about how hard you can get hit and keeping moving forward- how much can you take and keep moving forward-that's how winning is done!" Rocky Balboa

Off Season Weight

Contest Prep Weight

People You Look Up To
My close friends and family- especially my younger brother Ryan!!  

My fellow competitors- I used to look and compare and compare them to me. Now I look at them and feel inspired!! They give me the push I need  to go that much harder and power through the difficult days!! 

Nicole Wilkins , Erin Stern, Dana Lynn Bailey, Kai Greene 


Q&A with Denise:

What do you think of BoliNutrition's product?

The products are amazing. I enjoy the BCAA tablets as i have always taken the protein powder It's so quick and convienient!!! The omegas are a bonus for healthy brain and heart function. An important balance is key and your health!!

What has been your favorite product so far?

The protein powder! It's amazing. I haven't had powder that's tasted as good as this, and I have tried many different kinds!! I highly suggest it!

What is the next big fitness event or goal that they are working towards?  

The CBBF nationals in Halifax Nova Scotia. This has always been my goal. My trainer and I decided to not do the provincial show this year and focus all our energy and prep on this!!! These athletes are amazing, I definitely have my work cut out for me 

How do they feel about your progress?

I have made some great improvements to my physique. I know I can get better with time, consistency, diet, and good ol' hard work!

What Motivates you?

When people tell me I inspire them, thats what really motivates me. I have always been a "happy and jovial free spirit", willing to embarrass myself to make others laugh, so to actually be told I inspire people to try something new, or work toward a goal, it's amazing!!! I also compete in memory of my brother Steve who passed away in 2001, all my shows and accomplishments are for him. I know he would be one of my biggest fans and supporters if he were still around today. That in itself pushes me to never give up because I would never want to let him down

Whats your favorite work out? 

Definitely shoulders and back!!!! There's nothing more alluring then a sculpted back and nice capped shoulders. so HOT!! 


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