David Wolfe

Reno, Nevada

About David
I was born January 26, 1987 in Reno, NV. I always loved to play sports. My main sport was baseball as I was a right handed pitcher. Unfortunately, partying got the best of me out of high school and continued throughout college. I was always getting into trouble.  I finally decided I needed a change in lifestyle. I started going to the gym to take my mind off of things, and separate myself from the rest of the partiers in the number 1 drinking town in the nation. Two years later I find myself on stage competing in the NPC Physique division, and taking my body to a whole new level with every competition. 

Fitness background
I have always wanted to get into bodybuilding competitions, but never knew how to get into it. Once I heard there was a new physique division.  I got a hold of the person I knew who would help me take my body to the next level, Max McManus, who used to train me when I played baseball. I couldn’t think of a person with more knowledge and drive to help me accomplish what I wanted.

Sports Background
I started playing baseball when I was 8 years old. My favorite sports memory would probably have to be winning state and going to play in San Bernardino to represent Nevada in the Western Regionals!

Favorite Cheat Food
Mexican food and pastas

Favorite Diet Food

Favorite Body Part to train

Least favorite body part to train

I enjoy traveling, going to the lake, hanging out with my puppy and amazing girlfriend and supporter, Chelsea Groth.

Words to live by
"You earn what you deserve." –Max McManus

Date of Birth
January 26, 1987

Height, weight

Competitors you look up to
Ronnie Coleman





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