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Brenna Bailey

Phoenix, Arizona

About Brenna
Growing up I was always an athlete and considered myself “in shape.” It was not until just about six months ago that I really started understanding what it meant to be “fit.” I began to research healthier food options and various workouts. After just a few short months I fell in love with this new lifestyle I had developed. Lifting weights, running, and following a healthy meal plan became part of my everyday routine. The most frustrating, yet common, thing I continue to be asked are things like “why do you workout so much?” “oh, you can’t eat that because you’re on a diet huh?” and “doesn’t lifting make you look manly?” Rather than stressing on those who don’t understand that I’m doing what I do because I love it, I let it motivate me that much more. The body is an amazing thing and being able to watch it transform with time is what keeps me going. Although I am not completely satisfied with myself yet, I know I will continue to see progress and eventually be proud of the product I have worked so hard to create. My favorite quote when it comes to living a healthy active lifestyle is, “I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it.”

My Goals
Since I started my fitness journey I had goals set, and continue to set new ones on a regular basis. Just the other day I was in the gym on my favorite day (leg day) and hit four plates on leg press. Just two months ago I struggled hitting three. Continuing to push my limits and understand that I am stronger than I think is an amazing process. Just over two years ago I was at my heaviest, which I look back on and am not proud of at all, and had a body fat of 29%. After changing my eating habits and working out on a regular basis I have brought that down to 20%. I hope to continue to gain muscle and hopefully lower my body fat to 18%. I have never been considered naturally “thin” which is why I have to work that much harder to be where I want to be. I have set goals for lifting and for my body image that I believe are realistic if I continue to put in the work.

My main goal is to lean out my legs and strengthen my core as much as possible. Also, I am aiming to be able to do dumbbell shoulder press with 35’s, bicep curls with 25’s, and bent over rows with 50’s. I have a long list of goals, these are just a few of which are my main focus at this point in time.

March Update

I have been making some great progress in the gym thanks to hard work and Boli supplements! I am noticing a slight change as my legs begin to slim down, but I know its important to be patient with this since it has always been my problem area. Just the other day i did sitting bicep curls with 22.5 pounds, and plan to continue to keep working to get to 25's.. I also finished a set of bent over rows with 40's, which means i am getting closer to my goal! I also am doing shoulder press with 30's, another sign of progress. I am noticing more definition in my arms and my stomach becoming more flat due to the incorporation of core exercises a few days a week and heavy lifting. 

My favorite days of the week are leg day and back/bi's day. On leg day my favorite exercises are weighted lunges and squats. On back/bi's day my main focus is to do my reps slower making sure to squeeze the area I'm working on and target my muscles. 

 It can be hard because I do get tired and some days it is harder than others to find the energy to get to the gym. This is where it becomes a mental game and i like to talk myself into going and remind myself that hard work has started to pay off and will continue to do so as long as i don't slack off. I also look at pictures of people who inspire me when it comes to fitness if i need a little extra push. Lastly, i have a motivational speech that i listen to often and it really speaks to me and gets me going. This speech is called "secrets to success-how bad do you want it?" and i would encourage anyone who needs some motivation to take a few minutes to listen to it. 



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