The simple truth in bodybuilding lies in taking protein, which is the building block of all muscle. When you desire to build your muscles effectively and efficiently, a supplement that you need to consider taking is Whey Protein, which is the highest possible quality of protein that is available in the market today. Whey protein contains the highest content of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals required by your muscles to grow efficiently and to repair rapidly from intense workouts. When taking whey protein, there are various times in the day to use this supplement so that it works optimally in your system. These times are:

1-2 hours before your workout session

For whey protein to best work in your system, timing and consistency are very important. If you want to be as precise as possible in taking whey protein on a daily basis, the best time to use this supplement is 1 to 2 hours before your workout session. Whey protein contains high amounts of amino acids that are oxidized during cardiovascular exercise and weights training. This means that during each and every workout exercise that you perform, the supplement will be at full effect in your system. This will allow your muscles to build more rapidly than taking whey protein when you wake up or sleep. Other reasons to take it an hour or two before your workout sessions are:

  • It increases the fat burning process of your body when used as a pre-workout supplement source. As you may be aware, for your body to build muscles effectively, you must have minimal body fat so that your system can concentrate entirely on building muscles and healing from continuous wear and tear.

  • It is good for your stomach in the sense that it does not bloat you or give you stomach problems as you train. Additionally, it keeps you full while you are working out so you do not become weak because of hunger cravings.

1 hour after your workout sessions

A misconception about taking whey protein shakes is to take them immediately after working out. It is a misconception because most people eat an hour or two before working out. When you have a pre-workout meal, your body will be breaking down and converting the food into energy that you use while exercising or training. For that reason, there is no need to consume protein immediately after training.  What many bodybuilding experts recommend is to take whey protein at least an hour after working out because by that time, your body will have replenished the energy converted from your pre-workout meal. When your system has run out of energy, whey protein will provide amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients that will greatly enhance your muscle healing and muscle building capabilities.


Whey protein is certainly the best muscle building supplement today because of its high content of amino acids and vitamins. While there are numerous whey protein supplements in the market today, you should consider trying the Whey Protein Shake from Boli Naturals as it is considered one of the best supplements available.

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