supplements that Work 

There is much ado about workout supplements that some people ask if they actually work. When you walk the aisles of a nutrition store, you will be overwhelmed at the available choices, all claiming to be the best.

While most people purely rely on anecdotal evidence, there are those that specifically look into nutrients that are proven to drive results. Studies show that supplements containing relevant nutrients can actually boost your power, endurance and facilitate other muscle benefits.

Whey Protein

Health scientists advise that whey protein should be on top of every athlete’s list. There are numerous benefits from consuming it, including fast recover from workouts, pumping up muscle mass, reducing muscle wear and tear post exercise, and regulating appetite.

Exercise naturally breaks down muscle tissues, and your body needs protein recover. Protein helps reverse the muscular effects of heavy exercise by increasing synthesis by about fifty percent. Compared to other types of protein, whey is more easily absorbed by the body, making it more efficient.

Whey comes in many forms such as powdered or sterilized drinks, and snack bars. Versus consuming isocaloric beverages, drinking whey protein can more effectively reduce your calorie intake given its hunger-reducing element. Whenever you feel like munching on unhealthy, chemically processed snacks, try to get a protein bar instead.

To maximize effectiveness, it is recommended to take 1.2g of whey protein once a day. If you are managing your weight, include the calories from your drink or snack bar in your daily total.

Branched-chain Amino Acid (BCAA)


BCAAs are one of the most sought after supplements for bodybuilders to date. Just like whey protein, BCAA promotes muscle mass, but is primarily used for maintaining it while on a low calorie diet.

Athletes tend to reduce calorie intake while getting on a fitness program. Although dieting can make you look more awesome and attractive, it can also take out a big chunk of your muscle size. It can also decrease your energy, allowing for some rough sessions at the gym.

BCAA supplementation has been proven to address bodybuilder’s concern of muscle loss. The three branched amino acids – valine, leucine and isoleucine – act together to effectively reduce the rate of muscle breakdown.

For best results, take five to ten grams of BCAA pre and post workout. The normal valine to leucine to isoleucine ratio is 1:3:1.



Another helpful amino acid is Glutamine, which works mainly as immune system booster and doubles as muscle growth enhancer.

Glutamine is commonly administered to hospital patients post surgery to speed up the recovery process and prevent excessive muscle loss. In the past decade, it has broken into the fitness industry due to these benefits, and made a name as one of the best workout supplements.

If you are utilizing a low carb diet, you can maximize the effects of Glutamine by drinking ten grams on rest days, and twenty to forty grams on active days. Mixing this with whey protein can help you recover from rigorous workout sessions without taking in carbohydrates.

supplements that Work