Muscle Building 101

Are you looking to bulk up and speed up your metabolism? It will not happen in a snap as any athlete will tell you, but it’s actually very doable.

If you have no problem hitting it hard at the gym and maintaining a solid nutrition strategy, then you are well on your way to succeed.

Let me share with you some helpful exercises to jumpstart the process.

Work out your pecs with chest exercises.

Doing the bench press is the most common way to grow chest muscles and get skinny arms. Give yourself ample recovery time in between workout sessions, and you will see results in as fast as three weeks.

When opting for bench press, start with a weight that you’re comfortable with. If you’re just starting out, try adding five-pound weights on each side of the bar and lift. Your arms should be at shoulder width while you lower the bar until it’s about to reach your chest. Push it back up forcefully until your arms are fully stretched upwards.  I suggest you do about ten repetitions of this for three sets, increasing weight per set.

Another variation of bench press is called the incline. It is similar to the original bench press, apart from having a bench inclined at approximately forty degrees. It is more difficult to lift the bar, especially with heavy weights, on an incline, so it’s best to start with minimum weight. Do eight repetitions for three sets.

Boost your triceps with arm exercises.

Triceps are the muscles under your biceps. You will not be able to lift heavy objects with weak triceps, so you need to strengthen these.

Dipping is the most popular and effective exercise to work out arm muscles. To do dips, position your arms at shoulder width on a bench. Stretch your feet and body in front of the bench and carefully lower your body by bending your elbows. When you feel your buttocks touching the floor, lift yourself back up and revert to the original position. Do this with twenty repetitions for three consecutive sets.

As an alternative, you can also do overhead dumbbell press. Carefully lift one dumbbell over your head until your forearms are stretched out horizontally behind you. Keeping your elbows close to each other, you then lift your arms vertically, careful not to hit your head in the process. This should be done with eight repetitions for three sets.

Squat to attack your quads and hamstrings.

Doing squats is an athlete’s favorite as it’s an effective way to strengthen and bump up leg muscles.

The standard way to do it is with a weighted bar. Attach comfortable weight on each side of the bar and rack it until it’s lower than your shoulders. Lift the bar behind you until it is positioned between your shoulder blades. With slightly bent knees, lift the bar up off the rack and move a step back.

Carefully bring down the weight by bending your knees. With your torso erect, bring your buttocks down until you feel tension in your legs. Exhale use your leg and hip strength to lift from the squat. Do ten repetitions of this for three sets.