Do you have what it takes to REPRESENT Boli Nutrition? Do you want to receive free products on a regular basis? You could become our next Boli Nutrition Ambassador.

An Ambassador is a motivated candiate who is willing to spread their fitness enthusiasm to everyone around them.

The Ambassador program allows you to give your friends, family, clients, and fans your own unique 10% off Boli Nutrition promocode that they can use to buy any Boli product. When they use your code you will automatically get a 10% in-store commission from their purchase. So basically as people buy from your coupon code, you will build up in-store credit that you can use to redeem for FREE supplements.

If you'd like to be a Boli Nutrition Ambassador, we'll set you up with a code of your own. We can customize the code for you to be anything you want within 12 characters. For example YOURNAME10.  

If you're ready to become an ambassador email with the subjectline "AMBASSADOR"