6 ways to Gain Big!

How many times have you left the gym thinking, “wow, I really killed it at the gym today”. However, as time moves forward you realize you're not even sore, and when you go hop on the scale it shows no gains. You think you get the results, until you actually step on the scale and realize you are not even close. No fear! Because here is a great plan that will be your game changer. using these 6 tips, you too, can maximize your gains.

1) Hit the Gym at Night

Craig capurso recommends training in the evening for massive gains. "By placing my workouts at night rather than in the morning or early afternoon, I can load my meals prior to training, and shuttle more fuel toward that workout for performance and recovery." Because you’ve been eating all day you have all the energy you need to really hit it hard. Since your training late, make sure you get those post workout carbs and protein in. Placing carbs around your workouts is a great way to fuel performance and encourage those results we are dying to see.

Training between 4-7pm seems to be the sweet spot for most athletes. You dont want to go too late, because it could disrupt your sleep cycle. Quality sleep is what helps repair your muscles the most, so make sure to not disturb it. "Your muscles grow in your sleep and at rest, not in the gym," explains bodybuilder Calum von Moger. "Natural hormones are released in your sleep and will help you recover, getting the results you just worked so hard to obtain."

Ever heard of drinking a glass of whole milk before bed? we are taking that to a new level of taking a protein shake before going to bed. even while you're asleep, your body is using the protein you’ve consumed. This is why it's crucial for you to keep your protein levels up. "This will provide a trickle of amino acids to fuel your muscles while you sleep," he explains.


You always hear it, and yet never do it. Many athletes are always talking about what foods you should consume, and there is never enough pressure put on drinking water. “Your body is made up of 70 percent water, which means water plays a key role in your everyday function and peak performance. For athletes, staying hydrated is critical for performing at the intensity necessary to build lean muscle," von Moger explains.

Its easy to confuse hunger with thirst, because of this be sure you're sipping on water throughout the whole day. It's especially critical to to stay sufficiently hydrated during muscle building and cutting phases.

Its even more crucial to drink water during and after your workout, since even a little bit of dehydration would limit your performance. aim to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day which is about 2 liters. To put that in perspective, a large mixer bottle is about 28 oz, and I drink 2 of those during my workout, and then another 2 throughout the day.

You may forget so keep one of these bottles on hand with you everywhere you go.

3) Prepare for the Gym

A lot of lifters think that all you need to prepare is take a preworkout drink and you're good to go. In reality you’re missing out on some important nutrients. here are some recommendations.

Take 2 BCAA pills, 5 grams of creatine, and of course your pre workout drink, all 30 minutes before your workout. BCAAs ensure you receive the important proteins your muscles need to build back up while being broken down at the gym. Creatine helps intensify your workout, enhance recovery, improves muscle volume, and increases brain function. And Pre-Workout gives you the energy and strength you need to complete your whole work out with crazy intensity

4) Nutrition Nutrition NUTRITION!

Muscles are made in the kitchen, not in the Gym. a common problem with weight lifters is all they eat, think, and dream of is protein. This is a problem. Its important to have a balanced diet, this means carbohydrates and fat are also important to add into the meal plan. "As a general rule, keep your daily protein intake around 1 gram per pound of body weight," she recommends, "and then fill out the rest of your calories with carbohydrates and fats," explains Karina Baymiller.

Keep in mind that all of these nutrients need to be Quality. This means you need complex carbs like Quinoa and avocados, and natural fat sources like fish and almonds.

Timing is key! Make sure you are properly nutritioned before you go into your workout. Fruit is one of the best things you can have. They are digested quickly and give you the energy you need for your workout.


5) Eat, Lift, and Repeat

Muscles require to be worked over to grow, and worked again to keep growing. This means you should be going to the gym at least 4 times a week. Its ideal that you give each muscle group 36 hours to rest. This means work 2 muscle groups at the gym and rotate through. for example, Mondays are Back and Biceps, Tuesdays are Chest and Triceps, Wednesdays are legs and shoulders, then on Thursday youre back to Back and Biceps. The most important concept here is to learn consistency. Its amazing that you can lose  in 2 weeks what it took you 1 month to gain.  

6) Time to Eat!

You have to eat to survive, and you have to eat often to get results. Remember that its the total calorie intake that matters. Bulking up takes some serious calories and can be different for everyone. Here is a great Calculator that will help you know how much you need.


It can be hard to fit all of your calories in one day, but the key is to space it out. Make sure your having a small meal every 2 hours. If you're eating 3 meals a day, turn that into 5. This ensures that your body is always getting the nutrients it needs.

Eating more frequently trains your stomach to adapt to the higher calorie intake needed to build mass. Many bodybuilders have found that consuming 5-7 meals a day helps them hit that calorie count every day.

Now Go out and Do It

You can research all you want to make gains, but its never going to happen unless you DO IT.