Ashley Lockaby

Smithfield, Rhode Island

About Ashley
I am a 20 year old Natural Figure Competitor from Rhode Island, recently obtaining 2nd place in Figure Debut at the OCB Yankee Classic. Currently, I am attending Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT, where I study Exercise Science in pursuit of my PHD in Physical Therapy.  I have long been interested in sports and fitness, which has led me to discover that my passion lies in training. I am a Cheerleader on the nationally ranked team at SHU and was the appointed Strength and Conditioning Coach. After working in this position and gaining knowledge in my classes at SHU, I found an overwhelming desire for fitness and could not wait to share it. Nothing compared to my new-found drive and enthusiasm for the fitness field.

I attended a workshop through the American College of Sports Medicine, from which I obtained my Personal Training Certification. As I started to progress, share my own accomplishments and change my lifestyle, I saw that I was motivating others throughout my journey. I had also never felt better or been more fit in my life! I knew I had to share this feeling and help others to obtain this transformation and overall lifestyle change. I try to reach as broad an audience as possible as I pursue my goal of changing lives by guiding people into healthy habits. Although it is an amazing feeling to reach my own fitness goals, I believe that I was put on this earth to help others change their lives. Whether it is currently through my training or in the future as a physical therapist, I know that I want to help people and will do whatever it takes to reach and surpass that goal.  

What do you like best about competing?
I love being able to interact and enjoy the company of others who share a similar passion. Being surrounded by other athletes who all worked so hard to get to where they are is simply amazing. The feeling of being on stage sharing that camaraderie is truly incredible.

Why did you begin competing?
I have always loved to work out and wanted to combine my passions with a goal to keep my motivation booming. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could accomplish anything to which I set my mind. I knew it would be difficult to coach myself for my first competition, but I wanted to challenge myself and make constant improvements. I saw that I could also inspire others as I reached my goal, creating the perfect balance of all my dreams.

Favorite Cheat Food
Eggplant Parmesan and Cookie Dough (I have a serious sweet tooth!)

Favorite Diet Food
Broccoli! I love it prepared any way- Raw, steamed, seasoned, in an omelet or added on top of just about anything. I try to incorporate it into almost every meal, I simply cannot get enough!

Favorite Body Part to Train
Legs. I train legs using plyometrics and circuits. Although this is the most challenging body part for me, I love how I feel when I am training them. The workouts I put together keep my heart rate up and create a sweat level like no other. I love feeling like I am truly challenging my body to its limits and turning my weaknesses into a strength.

Least Favorite Body Part to Train

Cheerleading, Dance, Gymnastics, Music.  

Words to Live By
Never underestimate your power to transform yourself. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. If you stay passionate about a goal, and truly find something that you love, you will never be defeated. Just take it one day at a time and do something each day that will bring you closer and closer to your dreams.


Height, Weight
5’4’’, 138lbs

People You Look Up To
I look up to all Professional Natural Bodybuilding Competitors. Any athlete that can accomplish the goal of competing and have such self-discipline to reach the professional level, takes extreme hard work and dedication. It involves absolutely every aspect of your life and takes your body and mind to places not many people can achieve.

People such as Dr. Layne Norton, Chady Dunmore and other fitness professionals commit their lives to educating others. They perfect and research the healthiest methods to live and compete; this is who I look up to most. Many people do not take the proper time or receive the highest education in order to train others is this manner. So any professional that will spend their entire life continuously exploring and taking the time to understand the science behind the training and body deserves all the recognition in the world. I believe that education is extremely important, and constantly improving ones self  in not only a physical state but mental as well. That is why I follow the footsteps of these professionals when working with my clients and my own personal nutrition and training regimen. They help me to obtain the proper knowledge and understanding of techniques I need to grow into the best athlete and trainer I can become.



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