Anthony Mainella

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

About Anthony
I'm a 21-year old natural athlete from Rhode Island. I'm currently living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for school until October when I will graduate with my BS in Sports Medicine. I am also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a published fitness model. I have been modeling since I was 18, and am about 20 pounds heavier in lean muscle mass since my last professional photo shoot.

I plan on competing in the NPC physique division as soon as I'm finished with my Sports Medicine program at school.  My goal is to inspire, and educate people as much as I can.  I don't want people to fall into the nonsense that the media profess and claim to be true.  My fans, clients, and followers motivate me each and every day, and I'm proud to know that I can do the same for them on a daily basis!

Fitness Background
I have been into fitness since I was in high school. I used to be a mixed martial arts fighter, so back then I was a bit skinnier with a build made for that sport. However, my interest in fitness really kicked off when I started college as a freshman. Since I didn't have high school sports anymore, I needed something to keep me active. I became addicted to lifting weights and loved the challenge it continued to bring on a daily basis (something I still love to this day). Whether it be going for a new personal record in the gym, or seeing how in shape I can get, there is always something different to challenge myself in regards to fitness, and I love that!

Favorite Cheat Food
I have a weakness for cheeseburgers! and cheesecake.

Favorite Diet Food
No matter how much chicken I eat, I have never been sick of it! There are so many seasonings out there that you can use on chicken when dieting that it makes it easy to enjoy all the time.

Favorite Body Part to Train
Shoulders/Delts - theres nothing like the pump you get from those side lateral raises and shoulder presses. You've got to love those skin tearing muscle pumps and bursting veins that shoulder training yields!

Least Favorite Body Part to Train
Legs, but its also one of my favorites. I guess you could say its a love/hate relationship. Every time I go into the gym for legs its like preparing for battle. In my mind I know how much pain I'm going to need to endure, and how much I need exert myself myself in order to get the results I want. Its exhausting (especially my type of leg training), but I love a challenge and I continue to set the bar even higher in order to become better!

Hobbies Besides Working Out
I love to hang out with friends and do things like go to the beach and watch movies. I grew up an avid surfer/skateboarder/snowboarder/wakeboarder, so I still enjoy partaking in those sports every so often. I actually really enjoy cooking as well!

Words to Live By
Work hard, and play harder. Life is too short to keep yourself in a bubble and let opportunities pass you by. Embrace everything that life has to offer and take in as much as you can. There is a time and a place for everything. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made in order to achieve goals, but they ultimately shouldn't hold you back from living life to the fullest!





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