Boli Nutrition is the nation's best upcoming sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplement line developed with the highest quality ingredients and blends. Our supplements are made in the USA under an FDA registered and GMP certified facility. We have extracted the purest ingredients to formulate an effective supplement you can trust. We've tailored our formulas to maximize the potential in every athlete. Our goal is to inspire and help you attain maximum fitness results.


Kit Wilkins - CEO and Co-Founder

British-accented CEO, Kit was born and raised in London, England, playing soccer and growing a love for all things sports & fitness. After mastering Digital Media Arts, and running a successful creative design agency, he started his first nutritional supplement company which reached $1 million in sales within the first year of business. Now as a devoted husband and father of 4, Kit still makes time for the gym.  


Jeremiah Robison - President and Co-Founder
Nutraceutical business man by day and fashion designer by night, the man known around the office as “Jer”, is a serial entrepreneur and original founder of Boli. Transplanted from Ontario, Canada to Utah, USA, Jer graduated from BYU with a degree in Psychology. Jack of all trades, and father of three, Jer passes his love for golf, soccer, fitness, photography, and social media onto his children.

Reid J. Robison, MD MBA - Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder
Reid in three words: physician, researcher and entrepreneur. With a life devotion to science, he’s the head of Boli’s research and development, making sure supplements are natural, science-based, and improve the health of the user.  Away from the lab he’s a father of five, restores old european cars, travels to third world countries for humanitarian aid, but he’s entirely useless if he doesn’t get his workout in.


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